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October 1, 2011

College Works Painting has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life, despite being one of the most challenging as well.  From beginning to end, I was impressed by CWP’s professionalism. During the interview process, CWP made sure that I was a good fit for the internship as well as allowing me to decide that CWP was a good fit for me. The 5-step interview process was very professional and well organized.

One of the key features of this internship that allowed me to be successful was the use of a District Manager (ex branch manager) to help guide me throughout the year. From beginning to end, my District Manager, Amanda Brooks, was a key resource of knowledge and support. I owe a large chunk of my success to her ability to train me in marketing, sales, employee and equipment managing, as well as the most important part- production. Amanda was almost always accessible and ready to help no matter the hour. Whether it was going door-to-door marketing or answering and early morning phone call to help with an estimate- she was there. It was also very helpful that Amanda had been a branch manager like myself because she could really relate to the things I was going through. Her patience with me was very important as well because she stuck with me through the good the bad and the ugly.

As a business minor student at the U of O, I had been learning a lot about marketing, advertising, managing, etc. and this internship allowed me to apply these things in the real world. This type of hands on connection from the textbook to the real world really has influenced my understanding of what it takes to run a successful business. It has also drawn to my attention what my strengths and weaknesses are in the business world. Now I know what areas to improve on so I can be a better business leader in the future.

Another great part of this internship for me was the fantastic-Fridays put on by the company. College Works Paintings recognized that balance is a very important aspect in life- so every other Friday the company put on a fun event. This summer I went white water rafting, camping, golfing, softball tournament and much more with ambitious, business savvy students like myself.

Upon completion of this internship I feel much more prepared to enter the job market in the near future. I have successfully turned a considerable profit running my own paint crew, managing equipment and supplies while delivering a quality end result for my customer. It has been one of the most challenging things I have done in my life, but I am glad I stuck it out and have grown a great deal from it. If you are looking for an internship that will prepare you for the real world, connecting the dots from textbook to the reality, then look no further; College Works Painting is for you.


Andrew Meyer

CWP Branch Manager , Oregon, 2010/11



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Below are some houses painted by College Works Painting around areas such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. If you are interested in having your house painted or just want a free estimate please visit us at We offer competitive rates and excellent quality.

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You can now follow College Works Painting on Twitter:



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College Works Painting hires high-achieving college and university students and trains them in the basics of how to manage a business from start to finish. 
Each selected College Works Painting manager oversees the marketing, sales, production management and customer relations of a College Works Painting house-painting business in their hometown.
The College Works Painting requirements are good communication skills, confidence, leadership skills, a strong work history, and personal motivation.

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Every spring College Works Paintng goes to Las Vegas for a training retreat.  District Manager and Vice Presidents of the different regions of College Works meet and discuss how to improve customer service.  Here are some photos from this year’s trip.

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Enjoy reading various articles featuring College Works managers from across the country.

Downers Grove woman takes first step toward career goal Naperville, IL – JMU student getting head start on career as an entrepreneur

Western Michigan University student Brad Taylor gaining management experience with paint crew | –

College Works Painting district managers receive top honors in annual Cancun retreat.   Leave a comment

College Works Painting closes out 2009 with State and Divisional Awards in Cancun, Mexico and embarks on the biggest year ever in 2010!

National Manager of the Year – Tom Heiler (Pennsylvania)

District Manager of the Year – Mark Blumenthal (Illinois) & Josh Jacobs (California PCC)

Congratulations to all the Divisional Managers of the Year!

Arizona – Joe Powless
California Central – David Taylor
California North – Taylor Smith & Kelly Jewett
California South – Jeffrey Mihaljevich & Eric Roberts
California Pacific Coast – Megan Juskalian
Colorado – Matt Griffith
Illinois – Kyle Lindsey
Michigan – Mike Romigh
Missouri – Joel McPeak
New England – Dylan Petitt
New Jersey – Brian Nardi
Ohio – Ben Kern
Oregon – Emmie Yeiter
Pennsylvania – Tom Heiler
Texas – Nathan Moore
Utah/Nevada – Emily Job & Jake Kinghorn
Virginia – Kyle Emory
Washington – Matt Beeninga

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On July 27th, the executives from College Works Painting had the opportunity to hear Augie Nieto speak, at the Embassy Suites in Irvine,  about his story and his success in living with ALS.

At a time when many Americans are worrying about the economy, Augie Nieto (Newport Beach resident and founder of LifeFitness and Augie’s Quest) is helping one company have a more lasting impact.  Augie has not let his contraction of ALS slow down his positive influence on aspiring entrepreneurs; he uses it as a tool to illustrate what one man can do.  Augie Nieto reinvented exercise and changed the face of health and nutrition, by inventing the Life Cycle and founding the company LifeFitness. When he discovered he had ALS (Lou Gherigs Disease), he took on the challenge to reinvent medical research.  Augie has driven over $16,000,000 to research for a cure of ALS and has changed how medical research is conducted.

Augie’s Quest, is the focus of College Work Paintings’ annual awareness and fundraising project.  College Works has partnered with Augie not to just raise money and create awareness, but to deliver a lasting impact on the aspiring entrepreneurs College Works Painting employs across the US.

Augie will be discussing his story, sharing his passion and collecting the first of many installments of funds generated by College Works Painting across the US.  Together, College Works has raised over $40,000 for Augie’s quest and shared his story with over 30,000 Americans.

To see the full release click here.