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The fist official day of summer was June 21st, but we’ve been painting away since classes were out of session. It’s been a busy summer so far for for the students at College Works Painting! Even though school is out, our interns are working hard all over the country painting houses. We’ve even had some interns in the news, below are links to some of the articles.

Of course, we all take a little time to have fun and relax during the summer, hitting the beaches and parks to soak up some fun in the sun.

Our internship continues to provide the type of experience students need to get a head in today’s work force, for example this is what one of the interns from the Pennsylvania/New Jersey division posted the other day:

“Yesterday I put my resume up on monster at 12pm. 24 hours later i got 3 emails, one from the 9th biggest IT firm in the country, and a call from Aflac. Without a doubt CollegeWorks changed my life and put me in a position to have employers come to me in a recession. Thanks to Zack Matush for hiring a little scrawny RU Junior. To any current interns struggling right now, push through, the payoff is unreal.”-Tom Bay

Congrats to Tom and all of our interns for their hard work! Have a great summer.

OSU junior running his own business(Ohio)

College Works offers students summer jobs in Shelby Twp.-(Michigan)

Internship Program Gives Glendora High Graduate Head Start on Job Market-(California)

CU-Boulder students use internships for entrepreneur opportunities– (Colorado)

SLU student reaps benefits of business-(Illinois)

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College Works Painting has had an amazing year starting with our annual Park City trip in January and then our annual Las Vegas training in April.  Selected managers had the opportunity to meet Reon Schutte, ( inspirational speaker with an amazing story.

We continue to push forward and offer competitive internship and entrepreneurial experience for our college and university students across the country. We continue to work hard and offer 100% customer satisfaction and professionalism.

For more information on College Works Painting please visit us at, we also have state specific websites for those wanting to see what we’ve been up to in your neighborhood.

Enjoy the photos!

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Brand Evangelists or
Brand Terrorists
“Your customers can be one or the other.”
~by John DiJulius

College Works Painting, headquartered in Southern California, paints 10,000 homes a year, employs 250 full-time employees and around 3,000 seasonal employees. They have always prided themselves on being at the top of their industry for customer service, but that wasn’t good enough. In certain situations, being the best at customer service in just your industry can still mean you are unacceptable.

“In the past we would fight against certain complaints, we would side with our side, and we would look at our complaints for validity. With 10,000 customers a year, some were legitimately taking advantage. In the distant past we looked at a slight percentage of complaints as acceptable from our employees, who are paid purely on incentive, who work very hard to start a business while in school, and who earn based on their business’ return,” says Matthew Stewart, CEO of College Works Painting. “However, one thing changed our entire approach to customer service.”

The CWP world changed. One unhappy, disgruntled customer created a blog where he complained aggressively about the job that was done for him. This customer did not pay, was unreasonable in his demands, lost hands down in court and was ordered to pay. In retaliation he created a blog that dominated the search engines for four years. As a result of this brand terrorism and brand assassination, CWP’s brand was taken hostage by a customer who was an expert in dominating online search engines, which is becoming increasingly easier for the average consumer to master. CWP estimates that it lost over $20 million in revenue and countless employee candidates. Remember that before all of this, CWP was considered better than most in their industry at customer service. Painfully, they found out, that wasn’t enough.

“After committing to truly becoming a world-class customer service organization, we changed our entire culture and attitude toward every customer we contact,” Stewart says. “We don’t care who is right or wrong, we look at ourselves through the eyes of any customer, and we fight for 100% satisfaction. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars refunding money, paying wages unearned, and making people feel well. We say ‘sorry’ more, we say ‘yes’ more, and we move very fast and very transparently. Our employees love the focus, and the blogs are deflated. Our philosophy is “Yes is always the answer, now what is the question?” This is a way of life for us, and for me personally.”

Action Plan
Is your business prepared to immediately defuse customer complaints? Does everyone realize how easy it is for an unhappy customer to contact thousands of people almost instantaneously? Create systems and protocols that enable your organization to create brand evangelists versus brand terrorists.

For many articles like this one visit “The Customer Experience Blog”

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You can now follow College Works Painting on Twitter:



you can fan College Works Painting on our official company Facebook page.

College Works Painting hires high-achieving college and university students and trains them in the basics of how to manage a business from start to finish. 
Each selected College Works Painting manager oversees the marketing, sales, production management and customer relations of a College Works Painting house-painting business in their hometown.
The College Works Painting requirements are good communication skills, confidence, leadership skills, a strong work history, and personal motivation.

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Last month two District Managers from College Works Painting Kansas Bob Schliesman and  Scott McAvoy had the opportunity to talk about the CWP prgram to a live audience. Here is a link to the video, it’s only about 1:46, but highlights how dedicated CWP managers are and how successful the program can be.


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Taylor Duncan
Executive Vice President, Illinois
Originally from Chicago, Taylor started his college career at the University of Wisconsin where he played football and track. After winning a Rose Bowl with the Badgers he returned to his home state and attended the University of Illinois graduating with a degree in Finance. He married his wife Sandra in January of 2006. They had their first son, Rome James Duncan in August 2008. In his spare time he travels internationally, golf’s, and wrestles with his two dogs.

For more information about College Works Painintg Illinois, please visit

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College Works Painting Oregon is pleased to have been able to serve its customers with quality service since 2000.  Our interns and managers come from the best colleges and universities in the Beaver State. For more information about College Works Painting Oregon please visit and for more information about College Works please visit

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