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Founded in 1993, College Works Painting now operates in 19 states, hiring more than 2,000 college students every year as interns, managers, and Branch Managers.  The College Works Painting program is designed to give students an opportunity to build a competitive resume and gain marketable leadership skills.  At CWP, we pride ourselves in quality workmanship, at a fair price, with cleaner job sites and better communication with our customers.  Our core values of entrepreneurial spirit, frequent training, and focus on safety ensure a professional paint job every time.

In 2006 we painted more than 12,000 homes and had an unmatched customer satisfaction rating of 97%. We work with energetic, polite, and high achieving team members and we use top of the line materials.  All interns and managers are fully licensed and certified and all jobs come with a guarantee of quality.  


Posted August 18, 2008 by collegeworkspainting

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  1. I found this company to be of good merit and would like to add my own article to it.

    Painting positive numbers: College Works Painting August 18, 2008 PST
    by Rachel Toyer, Staff Writer

    College Works Painting’s numbers continue to increase despite recent setbacks of the economy in the United States. Since January, College Works Painting has increased its client total by more than 600. Still not able to match the 10,400 clients from the year 2004, the company continues to stay positive and anticipates business to steadily start to increase in the near future.

    College Works Painting was founded in 1993 and has increased to 19 states from the East coast to the West coast. The mission of the company is to help as many qualified college students as possible gain work experience, not just any work experience, owning your own painting business? It’s true, after a screening process students are selected to be Branch Managers and head up the neighborhoods in their area. After a lot of training in safety, marketing, business and customer service, the Branch Managers then employ students to be a part of their team.

    One of the unique services is the free estimates which the students provide to homeowners. In the year 2006, College Works Painting was able to paint more than 12,000 homes and received an unmatched customer satisfaction rating of 97%.

    “The experience of being a Branch Manager with College Works Painting completely expanded my mind. I realized that my employees and customers rely on me to be in charge,” said former Branch Manager Chris Beckett.

    You can rest assured that the employees at College Works Painting will get the job done right, as employees receive bonuses for completing projects safely and efficiently.

    “These students are competing so to speak with one another,” said former Branch Manager John Temple, “I remember what that is like and I know that we worked hard to do the job right so that when bonus time came around we would have no excuses.”

    For more information about College Works Painting whether is be applying for the internship or requesting a free estimate, visit the website http://www.collegeworks.com

  2. Quote from founding partner

    “In times of economic recession, many companies lose revenue. Other companies get tough when the tough gets going. I am excited to see that we did not shrink at all in revenue. I attribute this to our constant improvement and innovation. We launched aggressive flyer drops and Internet advertising campaigns for the first time this year to assist managers in their marketing efforts. Over 30% of our business came from these new advertising efforts and I am confident that continued growth in our marketing efforts next year will allow us to grow in a recessionary environment.”
    -Spencer Pepe

  3. College Works Painting is NOT a multi-level marketing or “pyramid scheme” company.
    Our products are painting houses. We have a management structure in place to make sure we do a fantastic job painting houses. We do not charge fees to join our company. We do not require any membership fee or upfront payment.

  4. College Works Painting is working to be the most significant learning experience for all staff members.
    – College Works Painting conducts training seminars that every employee is required to attend.
    – There are specific training programs designed for every level of each corporation.
    – Training continues via one on one meetings, training meetings, and field visits.

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