Cancun 2011-Work hard, play hard! #CWP   Leave a comment

Ocean view!!

The trip to Cancun is a celebration of the success from the year.  We gather all the District Managers, Regional Consultants, Vice Presidents, Presidents, and top producing Branch Opperators from all the CollegeWorks Painting companies in the U.S.  The top preformers are invited to attend, to celebrate their success, and to meet other members of the College Works Painting team.  We have a top gun event for contest winners, we have a banquet, and we go to the amazing Cancun clubs to enjoy our vacation. The trip to Mexico also kicks off the new CWP year with a bang, as we begin our recruiting when we return.

Joe Young, Lulu Deng, Zack Matush

The managers get to live the “play” side of our work hard/play hard value.  They bond with other team members.  They see how much we appreciate them.  They get a taste of our retreat experience and can better look forward to the DM trainings in Park City and Las Vegas.  There is plenty of time for one on one interaction with College Works Painting execs, for sharing a more personal side, and for building relatioships that we can all draw on as we move into the new year.

Recognizing our hard working managers.

Beautiful Cancun sunset







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