It’s officially summer and we’re painting away!   Leave a comment

The fist official day of summer was June 21st, but we’ve been painting away since classes were out of session. It’s been a busy summer so far for for the students at College Works Painting! Even though school is out, our interns are working hard all over the country painting houses. We’ve even had some interns in the news, below are links to some of the articles.

Of course, we all take a little time to have fun and relax during the summer, hitting the beaches and parks to soak up some fun in the sun.

Our internship continues to provide the type of experience students need to get a head in today’s work force, for example this is what one of the interns from the Pennsylvania/New Jersey division posted the other day:

“Yesterday I put my resume up on monster at 12pm. 24 hours later i got 3 emails, one from the 9th biggest IT firm in the country, and a call from Aflac. Without a doubt CollegeWorks changed my life and put me in a position to have employers come to me in a recession. Thanks to Zack Matush for hiring a little scrawny RU Junior. To any current interns struggling right now, push through, the payoff is unreal.”-Tom Bay

Congrats to Tom and all of our interns for their hard work! Have a great summer.

OSU junior running his own business(Ohio)

College Works offers students summer jobs in Shelby Twp.-(Michigan)

Internship Program Gives Glendora High Graduate Head Start on Job Market-(California)

CU-Boulder students use internships for entrepreneur opportunities– (Colorado)

SLU student reaps benefits of business-(Illinois)

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