College Works Painting welcomes Augie Nieto   Leave a comment

On July 27th, the executives from College Works Painting had the opportunity to hear Augie Nieto speak, at the Embassy Suites in Irvine,  about his story and his success in living with ALS.

At a time when many Americans are worrying about the economy, Augie Nieto (Newport Beach resident and founder of LifeFitness and Augie’s Quest) is helping one company have a more lasting impact.  Augie has not let his contraction of ALS slow down his positive influence on aspiring entrepreneurs; he uses it as a tool to illustrate what one man can do.  Augie Nieto reinvented exercise and changed the face of health and nutrition, by inventing the Life Cycle and founding the company LifeFitness. When he discovered he had ALS (Lou Gherigs Disease), he took on the challenge to reinvent medical research.  Augie has driven over $16,000,000 to research for a cure of ALS and has changed how medical research is conducted.

Augie’s Quest, is the focus of College Work Paintings’ annual awareness and fundraising project.  College Works has partnered with Augie not to just raise money and create awareness, but to deliver a lasting impact on the aspiring entrepreneurs College Works Painting employs across the US.

Augie will be discussing his story, sharing his passion and collecting the first of many installments of funds generated by College Works Painting across the US.  Together, College Works has raised over $40,000 for Augie’s quest and shared his story with over 30,000 Americans.

To see the full release click here.


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