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By Matthew K Stewart

Most of College Works Painitng’s top performers desire to continue working with College Works past their internship year. I think this says a great deal about the level of commitment of our DMs, office staff, and equity partners, and it says a great deal about the program as a whole. I strive daily to make CWP a more exciting, more rewarding, and a more open place to work and I hope you all do as well. Our growth model relies on the desire of our present interns to stay with CWP and pioneer new divisions and new businesses as equity partners in the future. New avenues are opening for this year’s DMs and interns to become entrepreneurs, while staying involved with CWP.

However, I know that some interns will seek employment elsewhere and we will do everything we can to help you attain that employment. We hope that those that find careers outside CWP remember the experience and come back to hire the interns of the future. We are setting up relationships with corporations across the US in hopes of making it easier for successful CWP interns to acquire employment in the businesses that support CWP.

Here is our plan: We are talking to executives in various companies and telling them about the caliber of individuals that come out of an CWP internship. We are talking to them about opening lines to our interns for interviews – they are excited to do so. We have commitments from: Sprint, FedEx, Marriott, Cingular Wireless, EMC, Best Consulting, and more, to interview and hopefully hire our past interns. The executives in these companies are excited to meet the alumni of CWP and they know that CWP alumni will glisten.

Here is what I want you to do: First, If you know any executives at any companies that could use high caliber college grads, please contact me and give me their name and number (you can call me at the office). I will call them, explain the program and get them interested in interviewing our alumni. Second, talk to me 6 months before you graduate and I will put you in touch with our corporate endorsers. Third, look for my  get a job guidelines on Frits (under the forms you may need). This one page form will help you put together an individual client manual to take to your interviews once you are ready. Most of our interns have a while to wait – for now KEEP all the news letter articles written about you, keep any news paper articles written about you, keep any emails from your DM praising you, keep any top 15 listings with your name in them, keep any award you receive – KEEP ANYTHING THAT SAYS ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT YOU! You will need this when it comes time to look for a job. Remember, no one else is going to brag about you but you!

With Jeff Gunhus’ book, our contacts, and your PR materials, you should be unstoppable.

Good luck this year!


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