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College Works Painting is proud to announce that beginning in 2009 it will partner with Augie’s Quest, ALS Division for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
I have attached a brief PDF about the organization and about Augie, its founder.  Please read this.  Augie is a fantastic person and has used his illness to make drastic changes in medical research, as well as find a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).  I am pleased to announce this partnership on the anniversary of my god father’s passing.  Augie and Terry Yates have used their lives to make a positive mark on many others.  They have set a great example for me and I am very happy to assist in this cause.  I believe College Works, and all our employees, will make a big mark on this charity and help make strides to end ALS.   Augie has shifted his focus from becoming a tremendous business success (founding, growing, then selling Life Fitness) to making a mark on the world and becoming more significant to human existence.  I hope his passion can be carried by our successful team of employees.

For more information about Augie Nieto visit
-Matthew Stewart
CEO and co-Founder, National Service Group


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  1. For immediate Release

    Press Release: January 12, 2009

    Contact Information:

    Matthew Stewart, College Works Painting
    1682 Langley Ave
    Irvine, Ca 92614
    (888) 450-9675

    Curing ALS $5.00 at a time

    Augie Nieto created the fitness industry years ago with his life cycle, today he is working to create something bigger – a cure for ALS. College Works Painting re-invented the summer job years ago, by empowering college students to run companies all over the US. Today they have teamed up with Augie’s Quest to make an impact on more then just their lives and their careers.

    What can $5.00 do to cure for ALS? A bunch when hundreds of university students making their first venture into entrepreneurship collect the $5.00 from every customer they have. A bunch when that money is leveraged using the latest research techniques and methods.

    “Running a company today means more then revenues in and product out. Companies today are more focused on long term impact then at any other time in history. Employees, especially the new generation of employees, demand more then just a job; they want values they agree with, a mission they can stand behind, and more then just a product or service to be proud of. Companies have a great opportunity to help organize this positive energy and make a big mark on the community and the greater long term future,” said Matthew Stewart, co-founder and co-CEO of College Works Painting. “My favorite aspect of business management is this leverage concept,” says Mr. Stewart. “Our employees are leveraging their work day into thousands of dollars towards Augie’s vision of a cure to ALS.”

    This December, College Works Painting and Augie’s Quest formed a partnership that will directly touch over 2000 college students in the US, and more then 35,000 home owners. “We partnered with Augie because he shares the values of our organization. Augie has turned his experience into a learning experience for the rest of the world and has achieved a lasting significance. This is what College Works Painting and each of our employees aims for.” Said Stewart.

    Business executives in the United States face some tough challenges in the coming years. In addition to the uncertainty in the financial market, the unpredictable spending patterns of today’s consumer, the change in raw material costs and the effect of currency value fluctuations, leaders have to incorporate more then just work into the business. Employees today shift jobs based on value allegiances, learning experiences, and long term employment desires more then location and even financial rewards. They can smell a fake, and they align themselves with companies that support causes they support, conduct themselves in similar manner to the employee, and give off the desired image. “College Works loves that trend,” says Stewart. “We are all about allegiance based on what we stand for, more then anything else. I give a lot of speeches, many of the questions I answer revolve around how to discover what your company stands for and how to incorporate this into your daily job. This is the best part of being a business leader, you get to do that!” At College Works Painting, we choose to work with people and organizations that aim to improve our world, those individuals and organizations that are making a mark in a positive way. Augie has made his mark on me personally, and is making a huge mark on this horrible disease.”

    For more information on College Works Painting go to

    About College Works Painting
    College Works Painting offers university students the opportunity to run a business while in school. College Works programs train selected college students on all aspects of business management including: sales, marketing, customer relations, interview and hiring, production management, profit management, strategic planning, and more. After the extensive training, student managers are paired with a mentor and placed in charge of a painting business for the summer. The College Works program is recognized as one of the most selective internship opportunities available to university students. College Works offers training and experience available nowhere else today! College Works Painting aims to provide the most challenging, most rewarding, most profitable, and greatest learning employment option to university students across the country.

    For more information on Augie’s Quest go to:

    About Augie’s Quest:

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