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Business from the Los Angeles Times
EBay trimming jobs, buying companies to shore up business in turbulent times

US Sept payrolls fall 159,000, largest drop in 5 yrs; unemployment 6.1% UPDATE
From Forbes10.03.08, 9:52 AM ET

New reports point to higher unemployment, declining factory orders from The

Unemployment Rate Rises in Georgia from in Augusta, GA

With the unfortunate turn of events that are steadily plaguing more and more of the working class, those at the university level also begin to worry about their financial futures and outcomes.  Peter S. Goodman of the New York Times reported on Friday Oct.2 that approximately 159,000 jobs were lost in September alone.  As jobs get cut all across the dozens of industries, the unemployment rate continues to soar, increasing from 2.2 million to 9.5 million according to the New York Times.

With the economy being the way it is now, and with unemployment increasing steadily, College Works Painting remains hopeful as we continue to offer college students internships with the necessary training and experience to help them over come the turmoil and chaos that is our economic situation.  We are still able to provide real world business experience to help the up and coming graduate a chance to make it in his or her own field.  The New York Times posted an article stating that internships are a must.  It isn’t enough anymore to have a degree; you also need practical application of the things that you have learned while in school.

“College grads can have the innovative mindset with a company that hires them or by creating their own business and small business is a key to easing a recession,” said business major Jared Thompson of Minnesota.  “As the business student, I see opportunities for my fellow peers and I in joining companies that have great ideas but has been mismanaged that we could help get back on its’ feet,” Thompson said.

“College is different now than it was ten years ago, today having a degree is not enough, you need experience in the work force also,” said Andrew Landau, a finance major from Utah.

We want to encourage all to see for themselves how College Works Painting can help aid in securing a place for you in this day and age.  We are preparing students to keep up with the times, while still maintaining the values of hard work, discipline, honesty and integrity.


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