Do’s and Don’t of College Works Painting   1 comment

What we DO:

College Work’s focus on Balance and relationships guides our community involvement.
–  Our founders spend time on charitable boards, volunteering to help others, speaking to University Students and speaking to aspiring entrepreneurs.
–  Employees and the company as an entity donate time, money and resources to our communities.
–  College Works Painting donated over $50,000 to St Judes Center in 2006 and $33,000 to the Make-A-Wish foundation in 2007.
–  College Works Painting is a major donor to Share Ourselves, an assistance charity based in Orange County California that helps the working poor in Orange County.  College Works Painting employees organize blood drives, can drives, cancer walks, charity paints and more.  College Works staff built a home for a poor family in Mexico over the December Holliday in 2006.  College Works Painting is working to have a positive impact on the community, its customers, and its employees every day.

Paying painters;
Painters are paid an hourly wage plus a performance bonus for each job they complete.
-We recommend hiring several painters because we know that people quit or do not work out occasionally.
-In 2006, our top painters averaged $14.15/hr with their bonuses

What we DON”T do:

College Works Painting is NOT a multi-level marketing or “pyramid scheme” company.
–  Our products are painting houses.
–  We have a management structure in place to make sure we do a fantastic job painting houses.
–  We do not charge fees to join our company.
–  We do not require any membership fee or upfront payment.
–  Our employees can not loose money and do not secure any debt.  College Works Painting secures paint accounts and accepts legal liability for business actions.
–  There are no upfront costs to our interns other then any gas and cell phone expenses they incur while driving to their exclusive territory.
–  Our interns are guaranteed to earn money by the end of their summer with us, provided they meet minimum requirements outlined in the agreement we sign with them.


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